AQIP Program


Armacell has been training insulation installers for decades, because proper installation is the best way to ensure the job performs well and lasts. Today we offer a new, more comprehensive approach to training than ever before. With a combination of online learning and hands-on training, now a company can become AQIP certified, making it tops in the field of flexible foam insulation application.

Here’s how it works: Any insulation contracting business can become AQIP certified when 20%* of its local staff have completed training.

Training begins with AQIP 101, a 40-minute e-learning module of Armacell Academy that must be completed by 20% of the installers or staff at a particular location. The online training is self-paced, available 24/7 and is even mobile-friendly.

When all employees have completed the online module, AQIP 201, a hands-on, in-person session will be scheduled at a convenient time and location. This course is taught by one of Armacell’s application experts.

Once all employees have passed both the online and the in-person sessions, each participant will receive an Armacell an AQIP gift and a hard hat sticker to verify their completion. The company will be designated as AQIP certified and will receive a custom AQIP plaque that marks the years of certification and be added to our AQIP installer database.  

Certification lasts two years and recertification can be completed online in about 90 minutes.

The course value is $250, per person, but is offered free of charge to eligible businesses.

Download our Program Guide here.

Download the Application Request form here.

Benefits to the Company

Benefit #1 A well-trained crew means the material gets installed correctly the first time—every time. That leads to fewer callbacks and maintenance headaches and means installing faster and more efficiently on the job site. That helps you meet deadlines and save hours on the job...and that saves you money.

Benefit #2
Your company goes into our database of certified companies which will be promoted and recommended to Engineers and GC’s looking for a qualified installer.

Benefit #3
Unlimited access to Armacell Academy e-learning sessions in our current and future course catalog. Consideration for promotional activities like case studies, blogs, and social media posts.

Benefit #4
Installing flexible foam insulation is very different than installing fiberglass and takes time and skill to do it right. Someone who is trained is better and faster than someone who only installs it occasionally. Make sure your team has those skills.

Benefit #5 The Armacell Solutions Portfolio 5-, 10- and 15-year warranties depend on AQIP-certified installers. To get the warranty your company must complete the training.

Benefit #6
Insulating mechanical systems has many important benefits, including condensation control, energy savings, equipment & system performance, emission reduction, water conservation, personal protection, acoustics, and freeze protection.

Benefit #7
Knowing that your certified installation meets all relevant building codes and project specifications. You can count on Armacell’s expert Technical and Specification teams for help with any compliance questions or product selection for your project.

Get started by requesting AQIP training through our Contact Form.

What customers say about AQIP training:

“In the past, we set up AQIP training classes with our contractors and staff. Most of these guys were ‘seasoned’ with installing Armacell. Overtime they realized they did not know it all and there were easier ways to apply the product. As the supply staff, we saw this and realized we can all step up our game when it comes to training. Compression joints, using the template on the box for elbow cuts, 520 set up times, less-is-more, tack testing with fingernail were all big hits with our customers and we still revert back to ‘remember in the AQIP training’ comments. I truly recommend this for anyone who handles Armacell product in any form to sit through a session.” 
Bay Insulation of Arizona

“The presence of Armacell throughout the project has been amazing. Not only have they provided training courses for our staff, but they regularly come to visit the jobsite to ensure that the installers are doing a good job, supply us with different tools, and give us recommendations to optimize the productivity.” 
Integ (Venezuela, Costa Rica, Brazil, USA and Panama)

* 20% is calculated based on the number of installers at a local branch or entity. For regional companies or those with several locations, only 20% of that branch’s employees need to train. For smaller locations a minimum of five trainees is required for participation and certification. It is recommended that you calculate higher than the 20% level to allow for drop-outs or no-shows. 4% of the trainees should be management or supervisory employees. Contact the AQIP administrator for details.

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