Airports Project Reference

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Energy-saving HVAC Ducting System

Da Nang International Airport is one of Vietnam’s three largest airports and the venue for the APAC Summit in 2017. The airport has been expanded in preparation for this Summit and Armacell was chosen to supply ArmaFlex® MC sheets and tubes for the HVAC ducting and central piping systems. This low-VOC product is dust-, fibre- and formaldehyde-free to eliminate air-stream pollution and Greenguard® GOLD-certified to meet the most stringent indoor air-quality requirements.


Enhanced Fire Safety Protection

Fire safety was an important consideration in this project in Switzerland due to the large volumes of people frequenting the building. In the construction of the railway terminal in the airport expansion project, NH/ArmaFlex was preferred because it is a non-halogen material that is free of CFC, HCFC and PVC.


Impervious to Moisture

Due to Miami‘s humid climate, AP/ArmaFlex and ArmaFix® pipe supports were used at the Miami International Airport. ArmaFlex‘s closed-cell structure makes it impervious to moisture. Used together with ArmaFix pipe support, these easy-to-install supports are also pre-insulated with ArmaFlex for a unique foam-to-foam bond to prevent condensation gaps, so that there is no interruption or compromise in the insulation value at the location of the pipe support.


Reliable Condensation Control

Located directly on the coast, the airport in Shanghai, China is exposed to very high humidity levels. Hence, the cooling-water lines of the air-conditioners and the hot-water lines in the arrival and departure building, in the 50 000 m² freight area and in the airport hotel, as well as the air conduits in the terminal building were insulated with ArmaFlex. ArmaFlex‘s closed-cell structure is effective against water vapour ingress without any additional water vapour barrier. Dependable condensation control was a critical consideration for the airport, as moisture will condense on any cool surface. 8,000m2 of ArmaFlex sheet insulation was installed on the air conduits.

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