Marlins Park Stadium, Miami, FL

ArmaFlex Scores a Home Run with Insulation Contractors at New Marlins Park StadiumMarlins Park Stadium

Project: Marlins Park Stadium 

Location: Miami, Florida

CHALLENGE: Insulate two 3500-ton chillers in large stadium facility in hot, humid Miami.

SOLUTION: Closed-cell, moisture resistant elastomeric foam insulation

The new Marlins Park Stadium in Miami, Florida is a LEED® Gold Certified ballpark – the first retractable roof facility in the world to receive this honor. AP ArmaFlex closed cell elastomeric foam insulation was specified to insulate the two 3500-ton chillers at the Stadium as it will not absorb moisture, is structurally resistant to tears, doesn’t require any type of vapor barrier and helps qualify for LEED credits. In addition, AP ArmaFlex was a hit with insulation subcontractors, as it was easy to install.Marlins Park Stadium Tank

Just ask Dale Schrack from Merlin Industries Inc., or any one of Merlin’s installers that were involved in insulating the chilled water equipment at the newly constructed Marlins Park Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Schrack was the project manager for Merlin Industries, the subcontractor hired to insulate two 3500-ton chillers at the stadium. The project was specified using 1.5-inch ArmaFlex closed-cell elastomeric foam insulation. The employees at Merlin Industries have found ArmaFlex easier to work with than other closed-cell foam insulations in the same thicknesses particularly when it comes to cutting and installing the insulation around chiller brackets and fittings.

“Armacell is the only product that Merlin Industries will use because it is a little stiffer than some other products out there,” said Schrack. It is easier to cut; and a nice clean cut makes for neater, more bondable seams. Albert Brewer, job foreman at Merlin Industries, has been installing ArmaFlex on mechanical systems for over 30 years, including the chillers at Marlins Stadium. He prefers ArmaFlex insulation over open-cell products like fiberglass because it doesn’t dull his knife as quickly, reducing the number of times he has to stop and sharpen the blade during a job.Marlins Park Stadium

The insulation on the chillers at Marlin stadium was left bare without any painting. This is a suitable option in an interior application because of ArmaFlex’ closed-cell structure. It is structurally resistant to tears and it will not absorb moisture, which means that it doesn’t require any type of vapor barrier.

Schrack and his colleagues at Merlin Industries are very proud of how the project looks. An installation [using ArmaFlex] looks a whole lot neater and that reflects on our work,” said Schrack. For Marlins Park Stadium and Merlin Industries, AP ArmaFlex elastomeric foam insulation was a home run.

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