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Acoustics and HVAC Systems

Low Frequency Noise in Ducts: A SOUND Argument for the Benefits of Foam Insulation

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Why Insulate Cold Systems?

Choose AP Armaflex, the Right Insulation for Cold Systems. Prevents moisture intrusion and its consequences.

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The Facts About Mold

We have a lot to learn about mold and its impact on our indoor environments. While we may not fully understand the degree of hazard mold presents, we do know this: Mold has become a serious concern for building occupants

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Why Insulate Ducts?

High-performance schools, hospitals and commercial spaces of all kinds need high-performing duct insulation. Air ducts are at the heart of a building’s efficiency, productivity and indoor air quality.

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Insulating Plastic Pipes Is a Must!

Regardless of the type of plastic pipe used, insulation is essential. Plastic pipes have many advantages, but just like metal pipes they must be protected against energy loss.

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