FillPro Backer Rod

Armacell offers the largest size range and widest choice of backup materials available anywhere. With outstanding service, prompt delivery and competitive prices, Armacell is your one-stop source for a full range of FillPro backer rod products for many applications. Used as a "backing" in joints or cracks to help control the amount of sealant used or the depth of the sealant in the gap, FillPro backer rods come in several types and dozens of sizes.

  • FillPro Standard - Closed Cell PE
  • FillPro Hot Rod XL - Cross Linked Closed Cell PE
  • FillPro Soft Type - Bi-cellular PE
  • FillPro Open Cell - Open Cell Polyurethane foam
  • Made in Canada

Choose the backer rod that best suits the application: commercial, industrial, residential; the required sealant type: cold applied or hot pour sealants; the gap size and shape: firm or compressible; closed-cell, breathable or something in between. No matter your application, Armacell offers the most extensive collection of backup materials and the largest range of sizes on the market. Sold through Sealant and Accessories distributors in the US and Canada.

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