Expanding Terminals and Partnerships in Panama

Revisiting the same place twice can allow travelers to see different and exciting things each time. The same can apply to insulation contractors working at the same location over and over again. There is an ability to see new opportunities, improve logistical paths and witness very impressive progressions.

Armacell and Integ, an electromechanical contractor, traveled back to Panama after working together in 2017 during an expansion at Tocumen International Airport. The previous South Terminal project included insulating 60,000 linear feet of chilled water piping, all of which had to be fabricated and installed to cool the 860,000 sq. ft. building. This year’s return project was a 125,000 sq. ft. expansion terminal designed by Foster + Partners including a unique stingray shape with two symmetrical piers extending east and west from the central concourse. This new building is also designed with an aerodynamic bronze roof and windows opening to the airfield and landscape beyond. Supporting this new architectural terminal is a chiller building containing the heart of the HVAC, water systems, and fire protection systems. This 14,000 sq. ft., two story building houses five 1,150 ton cold water chillers, each containing a condensing pump, primary chilled water pump and cooling tower. The chiller building also contains five in-line centrifuge secondary pumps, a non-chemical condensing watertreatment tank, an air separator with several expansion tanks and the fire protection equipment. These large scale expansion projects are rewarding challenges for Armacell and contractors that have positioned Tocumen Airport as the largest and most prestigious airport facility in Central America.

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