Armacell’s Turf Underlayment Product Available in RIB SpecLink

  • SpecLink Cloud now includes ArmaComp ArmaSport® synthetic turf shock pad in division 32
  • Armacell products listed in MasterFormat divisions 9, 21, 23 and 32
  • Simplifies sport field specification, includes new ridged shock pad option for increased drainage in both 3/8 inch and 5/8 inch pad thicknesses

Chapel Hill, NC, 29 March 2022 – Armacell, a global leader in flexible foam for the equipment insulation market and a leading provider of engineered foams, announced today inclusion of its turf underlayment product, ArmaComp™ ArmaSport TU2, and built-in specification tools in the RIB SpecLink product library to make field design easier and faster. Artificial turf landscape contractors and sports field designers can easily select a proven shock pad for exceptional sports field performance and consistent playing conditions.

ArmaComp ArmaSport TU2 is now listed and available for specification use in SpecLink Cloud, the building specification software by RIB (formerly BSD). Design professionals can find the latest listing within MasterFormat division 32 in SpecLink for easier project specifications integration. The platform offers extensive industry specification content, integrated and updated continuously with more than 3,000 continuously monitored reference standards from over 300 issuing agencies.

Armacell’s turf underlayment shock pad provides smooth, flat coverage under synthetic turf field installations. Unlike fields that depend on infill material alone, ArmaSport product installations provide protection across 100 percent of the field with no loss or migration of the cushioning material and no direct contact with the players. Consequently, sports field designers can count on the same amount of shock pad anywhere on the field, at all times, ensuring a safer playing environment for the whole team.

Mike Swanson, General Manager, Component Foams AMERICAS, comments, “For more than 35 years, our ArmaSport turf underlayment products have been the ideal turf pad to stabilize and cushion playing surfaces providing consistent shock attenuation across the field. Athletic programs trust the expertise we bring to athletic directors, facilities managers and turf professionals responsible for installing and maintaining premier synthetic turf fields.

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