Armacell is Now Selling the Full Line of Insuguard® Pipe Saddles and Shields

Innovative Insuguard Pipe Support Products Solve Common Problems

The fixing point of piping in ceilings or bulkhead channels can be a challenge. The piping must be supported, but expansion and contraction of the piping causes movement making it difficult to keep the saddle in place.  Traditional sheet metal pipe saddles can slip and fall allowing the pipe insulation to be crushed, or worse, causing a safety concern if occupants are below. And depending on what size or types of strut system or hangers are being used, the installer may need to attach the supports using different methods for the install. 

Insuguard® and Insuguard® Multi were developed with all these problems in mind. Insuguard easy-to-install pipe saddles and shields eliminate problems related to rotation, vibration and displacement—common conditions that can lead to piping that falls, leaks, or causes condensation drips and mold. Perfect for plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration and communications applications, Insuguard Multi adapts to all types and sizes of pipe suspension systems. The innovative design for tool-free pipe supports secures piping systems while at the same time eliminating the typical thermal bridge and protecting the pipe and its insulation from damage. Allowing pipe movement within the support system minimizes maintenance or repairs and considerably reduces energy loss. The system includes other accessories for covering and securing piping as well as detecting damaging water hammer shocks.

Armacell is now selling the complete suite of products through all channels of distribution:

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