Armacell Announces New Supermarket Solutions Portfolio

With Armacell’s Solutions Portfolio, mechanical engineers, insulation contractors and distributors can easily identify the best products to use where insulation is critical to the performance of the equipment, for example on refrigeration systems, in an air plenum, on HVAC mechanical piping or on plumbing.

The new Supermarket Solutions Portfolio is organized into two categories: Standard Performance and High Performance, with each category offering two levels of price and service. This portfolio offers customers a 10- or 15-year limited warranty. Warranties are allocated depending on the choice of category, with Superior Performance offering the longest protection. Specifiers, contractors and distributors can have confidence that selected products are backed by Armacell’s 60 years of industry expertise.

This is the newest Solutions Portfolio addition to the packaged project types that launched in June 2020 which included data centers, education, healthcare, hotels, multi-family and office/mixed-use, offering customers a time-saving way to determine the right approach for key markets. More Solutions packages are being developed to address other key construction project types in the coming months.

Read more about the Supermarket Solutions Portfolio here.

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