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ArmaFlex TwinTube

Armacell’s ArmaFlex® TwinTube flexible pipe insulation is the faster, neater way to insulate split systems, combining two separate tubes for pre-insulating separate lines like liquid and suction into a single integrated piece.

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New ArmaSound MTD Makes Commercial Spaces Quieter

ArmaSound MTD tape offers an exceptional way to mechanically decouple drywall board from the stud, reducing the amount of structure-borne sound that can pass through partition walls. This ability to bring quiet to a space makes this an ideal solution for healthcare, education, hospitality, worship and government buildings. Armacell makes this high-tech acoustical tape in the United States and it is available now through select distributors.

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Armacell Announces New ArmaFlex® Shield: Tough Enough for the Job

Armacell’s newest addition to the ArmaFlex family is a continuous coil pipe insulation with a strong protective coating for challenging applications. This latest innovation is a moisture- and UV-resistant insulation solution with a durable protective coating specially designed for line set and HVAC/R applications. It is a low-maintenance alternative to unprotected insulation or adding a separate jacket on the jobsite.

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Armacell is Now Selling the Full Line of Insuguard® Pipe Saddles and Shields

The Insuguard family of pipe support solutions was developed to speed up installation time while ensuring that piping stayed secure and safe from damage. These revolutionary products allow for easy, tool-free installation on any size of strut or hanger. Once in place they stay put even when piping expands and contracts over time. The Insuguard design allows for pipe movement within the support system, thereby minimizing maintenance or repairs and considerably reducing energy loss.

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ArmaFix® EcoLight Made by Armacell: Insulation Pipe Support with Environmentally-friendly PET Core

Pipe support brackets can mean trouble for pipe insulation systems, but fortunately, ArmaFix® EcoLight is here to fix that. The load-bearing core of ArmaFix Ecolight protects insulation from being crushed or damaged. On top of it all, ArmaFix Ecolight is made with a 100% recycled PET core, meaning it is environmentally friendly. Read how this new self-sealing and easy-to-install system is helping Armacell to prevent thermal bridging and other common problems associated with crushed insulation.

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