New Products

Armacell’s ArmaFlex® Ultra with FlameDefense™ Technology Becomes First Flexible Elastomeric Foam Insulation to Receive UL Classified Mark

Armacell’s innovative FlameDefense technology helps resist burning and reduces smoke development. In the event of fire, materials that are UL 723 classified will burn slower and produce less smoke, giving occupants and first responders precious extra time.

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New PE Fabricated Fittings

Armacell now offers prefabricated fittings for polyethylene pipe insulation systems developed to reduce complex cutting and assembly of insulation for elbows, tees.

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FillPro Backer Rod

Armacell offers the largest size range and widest choice of backup materials available anywhere.

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ArmaFlex TwinTube

Armacell’s ArmaFlex® TwinTube flexible pipe insulation is the faster, neater way to insulate split systems, combining two separate tubes for pre-insulating separate lines like liquid and suction into a single integrated piece.

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New ArmaComfort MTD Makes Commercial Spaces Quieter

ArmaComfort MTD tape offers an exceptional way to mechanically decouple drywall board from the stud, reducing the amount of structure-borne sound that can pass through partition walls. This ability to bring quiet to a space makes this an ideal solution for healthcare, education, hospitality, worship and government buildings. Armacell makes this high-tech acoustical tape in the United States and it is available now through select distributors.

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