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Custom Part from CGR Products Helps Preserve and Protect Loader Engines

Loaders are a major investment for any company, so when routine maintenance procedures were leaving the engines of certain models of skid-steer loaders exposed to debris and other objects that could harm the equipment, the loader manufacturer had to take action. Skid-steer loaders may be categorized as “heavy equipment,” but developing a part that would solve this problem required almost surgical precision. The global manufacturer of heavy equipment turned to a trusted partner for help: CGR Products.

Skid LoaderFor nearly 50 years, CGR Products has provided custom rubber solutions for some of the biggest names in the automotive, small-engine, appliance, electrical and heavy-equipment industries. These solutions run the gamut from simple gaskets to complex engineered parts that play a critical role in the functionality of equipment. As is often the case with CGR solutions, the part developed to solve the skid-steer loader problem looked simple, but embodied untold expertise in the design and fabrication of rubber and elastomeric components.

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