Sports Turf FAQ

What are the benefits to a turf underlayment pad?

A foam pad that is installed under the entire playing surface provides consistent padding and cushioning no matter where the players go. Unlike fields that rely only on infill material, there’s no loss or migration of the cushioning system over time. Rainwater and the regular course of play can cause infill to flow to the edges of a field and even be carried away in clothing and shoes. This can leave some areas of a field with less protection for the players. A shock pad like ArmaSport gives you 100% protection, 100% of the time.

Does that mean I can’t use a pad with infill?

No. ArmaSport pads can be used with or without infill.

What kind of substrates can I use a shock pad on?

ArmaSport Turf Underlayment shock pad can be used over a wide range of existing substrates, including asphalt, concrete or crushed rock.

Are your pads FIFA tested?

Yes. ArmaSport TU2 has been tested to FIFA test methods and meets FIFA 1 Star & 2 Star requirements.

Do your pads meet the G-max requirements for synthetic turf playing fields?

Yes. ArmaSport TU2 have been developed to meet G-max standards. See our testing page here.

Do I need to specify a drainage system in my turf underlayment?

It’s really up to the designer of the field. ArmaSport TU2 is available with or without a perforation drainage system. The Synthetic Turf Council’s “Guidelines for Synthetic turf Base Systems” notes that a field built on a crushed rock base that is not properly prepared for a field installation could experience migration of base rock, creating an uneven surface or could cause puddling in the completed field. A rigid drainage pad will help prevent water issues, but provides no resiliency. A pad like ArmaSport, when ordered with the optional drainage perforations, provides both shock attenuation and drainage.

What sports fields are ArmaSport pads appropriate for?

ArmaSport has been used in many different types of synthetic turf field applications. Look at our projects list to view a few of them. ArmaSport shock pad can be used for synthetic turf football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse and baseball fields. It’s also a good choice for multi-use/multi-purpose fields, indoor playing or practice fields or for portable field systems. Talk to us about your application and we can help you find the right solution.

What sizes does the pad come in?

You have some customization options with ArmaSport pad. It’s usually shipped in rolls, but can be ordered in sheets for smaller jobs. Typical widths are 50” or 60” and match the width of the turf carpet. Thicknesses are 3/8" (9.5 mm) or 5/8" (15 mm). The length is customizable. Many customers order the length to match the dimension of the field so that there is no waste at the end of a run. Talk to our reps about your project to order the correct size for your specific application.

Does the pad have to be stitched?

No. There are other installation options. Discuss with your Armacell rep and the manufacturer of the turf to determine the optimal install method for your field.

Where are your products manufactured?

Armacell operates six manufacturing facilities in the US and one in Canada. ArmaSport turf underlayment is manufactured in and ships from Conover, NC.

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