Turf Underlayment Shock Pad

ArmaSport® turf-underlayment shock-absorption pad: The ideal choice for exceptional sports field performance

ArmaSport® Turf Underlayment cushions indoor and outdoor playing surfaces, providing consistent shock absorption across the field and goal to goal. 

Unlike synthetic turf fields that depend on infill material, ArmaSport pad installations provide protection across 100% of the field, all the time – without loss or migration of the cushioning material to the edges. Supplied in rolls to prevent material fly-away, the long lengths and turf-carpet widths are all designed to make installation fast and easy. And our built-in, state-of-the-art drainage system ensures efficient water removal.

For more than 35 years, our foam has been the preferred turf-underlayment pad for consistent playing conditions and greater field longevity.

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Used by these prestigious athletic programs:

  • Duke University

  • Stanford University

  • University of Iowa

  • University of Louisville

  • University of Maryland

  • University of Richmond

  • University of Virginia

  • Ball State University

  • Brown University

  • College of William and Mary

  • Columbia University

  • Ohio State University

Safer, More Reliable Shock Attenuation

  • Using an ArmaSport® pad system under turf fields ensures more consistent shock attenuation across the field than other systems.

  • Tested to FIFA 2 Star test methods

  • Tested to ASTM F355 test methods

Innovative Drainage Options:

  • Perforation / hole punch for water drainage available

  • Ridge pattern available with all turf-underlayment foams for enhanced drainage

Environmentally Friendly

  • An Armacell PVC/NBR elastomeric pad system adds durability and longevity to a field 

  • Armacell turf underlayment materials are low phthalate products and meet the phthalate threshold requirements (<0.1%) of the CPSIA / CPSC Improvement Act of 2008 public law 110-114

  • Does not contain formaldehyde and meets the global REACH and RoHS requirements covering prohibited and reportable substances

  • Manufactured with an antimicrobial protection against fungi, mold and bacteria

Variety of Options:

  • Closed-cell foam in a variety of densities and firmness to meet the strictest specifications

  • Currently used in turf-underlayment / field-padding applications worldwide

Landscaping Benefits:

  • Variety of thicknesses that will provide multiple options for hardness of lawn

  • Can eliminate issues from pets


  • Can eliminate issues in shady areas

  • Can eliminate issues from too much sun


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