Renovations at Wake Forest University - Kentner Stadium uses ArmaSport® TU2 Turf Underlayment

The ideal turf-underlayment shock-absorption pad choice for exceptional sports field performance

Seating more than 4,000 spectators, Kentner Stadium’s field primarily serves as the home of the three-time national champion Wake Forest field hockey team. The field was first opened in 1990, renovated in 2004 and this past summer updated renovations to its playing field surface and track. ArmaSport® TU2 turfunderlayment was chosen and installed to provide cushioning and protection for the team’s outdoor playing surface, providing consistent shock absorption across the field and from goal to goal.

Using an ArmaSport pad system under turf fields ensures more consistent shock attenuation across the field than other systems. Unlike synthetic fields that depend on infill material, ArmaSport pad installations provide protection across 100% of the field, all the time – without loss or migration of the cushioning material to the edges. Supplied in rolls to prevent material fly-away, the long lengths, and turf-carpet widths are all designed to make installation fast and easy. And our optional perforation drainage system ensures efficient water removal.

Ever wonder how you replace more than an acre of field hockey pitch? Watch the installation process as brand new ArmaSport® underlayment and synthetic turf are rolled onto the playing surface.

Click links to see install videos:

Stitching Turf

Rolling Out Turf

Smoothing Seam

Stitching and Rolling

For more than 35 years, our foam has been the preferred turf underlayment pad for consistent playing conditions and greater field longevity.

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