NIA - WIACO 2016: Armacell CEO on stage

NIA WAICO Panel 2016During the National Insulation Association’s (NIA’s) 61st Annual Convention/WIACO, CEOs and executives from global manufacturing companies discussed the opportunities and challenges within the insulation industry.

Panel discussions took place April 21–22, 2016, and topics included industry growth, supply versus demand, globalization, industry consolidation, energy conservation, life-cycle analysis, holistic code development, labor force issues, and strategic initiatives within the mechanical insulation industry. Both panels were moderated by Ron King, a NIA consultant and 50-year veteran of the insulation industry.

Armacell was a sponsor of the symposium and CEO Patrick Mathieu took part in the panel discussion featuring top representatives of the insulation industry. One of the key challenges, he pointed out, is to convince end customers of the sustainable value creation achieved by technical insulation.

Proud Member of NIAMichele Jones, NIA’s Executive Vice President/CEO, commented on the panel, “I am thrilled we were able to gather some of the top executives from the manufacturing sector to give an insight into the most pressing issues for the insulation industry. Their expertise made for an incredibly valuable session for our attendees and I am grateful to all the panelists for giving their time to participate in this important panel.



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