New ArmWin Thickness Calculator Goes Live!

Easy-to-use online application now requires no downloading or installing

ArmWin® is Armacell’s new professional technical calculation program which helps mechanical engineers and contractors calculate the proper thickness to be specified for the Armaflex® family of products. Installing the proper elastomeric insulation thickness is key to the long-term performance of mechanical HVAC, plumbing and refrigeration systems.

Unlike the previous ArmWin CD which had to be downloaded and installed to a PC, the new ArmWin is designed to reproduce the functionality that users enjoyed in an easy-to-use online environment. Users can save project-related results for further use and forward reports via email to themselves, colleagues or clients.

The ArmWin online tool allows calculation of precise technical values, such as:

  • Surface temperature
  • Condensation prevention
  • Heat Loss
  • Change in temperature of flowing medium
  • Change in temperature of stationary medium
  • Freezing time

Below is a screen shot of the home screen in ArmWin. Choose your country, language and units of measure. This custom setting is defined until you quit that session.

Armacell has plans to launch an ArmWin offline version as well as mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberrys in 2015.

Click here to get started.

Armacell ArmWin Insulation Thickness Calculation Tool

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