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ArmaSport Turf Underlayment and AstroTurf on Duke University Field Hockey PitchArmaSport and AstroTurf:

A Winning Combination in Collegiate Field Hockey

Something is underfoot with collegiate field hockey

Increased interest in the game has given way to a lot of conversation about what is the best playing surface for the game. AstroTurf System 90, which includes a 3/8 inch ArmaSport® shock pad made by Armacell, continues to set the standard.

Since 1976 when the International Hockey Federation (FIH) made it mandatory that all major competitions be played on artificial pitches, colleges have followed suit, making artificial pitches the norm on collegiate fields all over the country.

While there are many artificial surfaces to choose from, the choice typically involves the same criteria:

  • Consistency. Coaches and players want a surface that offers the truest ball roll and minimizes ball bounce. This allows players to predict what the ball is going to do, thus maximizing their own skills. Consistency also enhances the speed of play, now a much coveted aspect of the game.
  • Safety. The system should include a shock absorption pad to minimize the physical impact on players.
  • Longevity. Field hockey pitches are an investment, one that is increasingly important to schools as the game becomes more and more popular.

These are the criteria that have made AstroTurf's System 90 the most recognized system for high-level field hockey in the United States.

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