Armacell North America Product Discontinuation

  • AC/AccoFlex® and ProFlex® products to be discontinued
  • Two established elastomeric insulation product lines to transition to AP/ArmaFlex®
  • Move streamlines the product portfolio and reserves raw materials for ArmaFlex

Chapel Hill, NC, 11 July 2022 – Armacell, a global leader in flexible foam for the equipment insulation market and a leading provider of engineered foams, announced today the discontinuation of two North American product lines, AC/AccoFlex and ProFlex.

Adjusting to the constant fluctuations in raw material availability and supply chain disruptions in today’s environment proves to be a constant challenge. In an effort to streamline the business model in North America, Armacell will be discontinuing production on two flexible elastomeric product lines, AC/AccoFlex and ProFlex starting 11 July 2022.

Armacell will implement a 60-day transition period starting on or before 11 July for customers currently purchasing these products that will phase out and transition them to AP/ArmaFlex – its proven, fibre-free, flexible elastomeric insulation with reliable protection against condensation and energy loss. During this changeover period the company will fulfill orders from its existing inventory of AC/AccoFlex or ProFlex and as inventories are exhausted, items will then be converted to the AP/ArmaFlex items. Customers can contact their sales or customer service representatives for full details. 

About Armacell

As the inventors of flexible foam for equipment insulation and a leading provider of engineered foams, Armacell develops innovative and safe thermal, acoustic and mechanical solutions that create sustainable value for its customers. Armacell's products significantly contribute to global energy efficiency making a difference around the world every day. With more than 3,200 employees and 25 production plants in 17 countries, the company operates two main businesses, Advanced Insulation and Engineered Foams, and generated net sales of EUR 677 million and adjusted EBITDA of EUR 117 million in 2021. Armacell focuses on insulation materials for technical equipment, highperformance foams for high-tech and lightweight applications and next generation aerogel blanket technology. For

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