Armacell Launches ArmaSport Turf Underlayment with Ridges for Enhanced Drainage

  • Turf underlayment shock pad now available with ridges
  • Optional ridges increase drainage by up to 60% over perforations alone
  • Ridges direct water to the perimeter of the field making fields playable faster

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 18 October 2021 – Armacell, a global leader in flexible foam for the equipment insulation market and a leading provider of engineered foams, announced today the launch of ArmaComp™ ArmaSport® turf underlayment shock pad with ridges for enhanced field drainage. The upgrade gives athletic directors and sports field designers more options for an efficient built-in water drainage system in the underlayment material.

Safety and performance on a synthetic turf field begins with the substrate under the playing surface. ArmaSport turf underlayment acts as a shock pad reducing the chance of injury when players hit the ground. An underlayment cushions the blow protecting them from the concrete, asphalt or crushed rock base commonly used under synthetic turf fields. Some underlayments can trap rainwater on the field presenting poor playing conditions or delaying game schedules. With ArmaSport’s optional ridges, rainwater will be channeled away from the field quicker. Ridges are another option to previously available perforated drainage holes which increase horizontal and vertical drainage, making the field ready for play sooner after rain, or keeping the action going during rainy weather.

“Rainwater building up on a synthetic turf field can cause problems for the field and the players,” says Michael Swanson, General Manager Component Foams for Armacell. “Now field designers can specify perforated drainage holes or ridges—or both—to help drain water away faster. Then teams can get on to safer, dryer playing conditions.”

This innovative upgrade to the ArmaSport product line is available now on rolls of ArmaSport TU2 manufactured at Armacell’s Conover, North Carolina facility.

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