Armacell operates two main business divisions: Advanced Insulation and Engineered Foams. Advanced Insulation focuses on making flexible, closed-cell foam insulation that provides thermal and acoustic benefits for mechanical equipment. Pretty straightforward, right? But you may be wondering “What is Engineered Foam; aren’t all your foams ‘engineered’”? Great question.

Our Engineered Foams division is responsible for making products that are not primarily used for insulation functions. Armacell has decades of foam technology expertise that can be used for other purposes. For instance, our PET division is part of Engineered Foams, and they produce eco-friendly structural foams from recycled PET water bottles that are used to make lightweight, but sturdy composites for construction, manufacturing, rail, and wind energy applications.

Component Foam is also part of Engineered Foams but is our business unit that makes high-performance technical foams that are used for a wide range of applications and markets. Offered in elastomeric and polyolefin formulas, we have a huge array of products that can be used in the Automotive, Aerospace, Construction, Heavy Equipment, Industrial, Medical, and Sport & Leisure markets. (See more complete list of markets below.)

In these areas, Armacell makes foam that is most often used as a component of another part or system. Quite a bit of our business is making materials for gaskets that seal out moisture, air, or dust in another part that may be ultimately used in a car, plane, heavy equipment, or industrial machinery. Some of our materials are used as cushioning applications in items like medical or therapeutic products including medical face shields, hospital bed bumpers, radiology positioning blocks, and prescriptive braces and splints. Other component foam materials are used as padding in sport or athletic equipment, like helmets, wrestling mats, or in synthetic sports turf systems. You’ll find Armacell’s foam in recreational flotation devices and water toys but also UL-approved personal flotation devices like life jackets. (See more applications below.)

You can see that Component Foam competes in many markets. Many of those products require materials that meet strict standards such as high temperature and fuel resistance in automotive, buoyancy in flotation, particular safety standards in medical and athletic uses. We test our materials to make sure that they consistently meet the tight guidelines for industry standards.

Armacell sells component foam materials in sheets, continuous rolls, blocks (buns), and extruded profile shapes. We sell to converters and fabricators who are responsible for die-cutting or splitting the foam into the finished size and sometimes adding a pressure-sensitive adhesive or laminating different materials together to form a composite. It is those businesses that sell a finished good or sell to the next tier of OEM suppliers. This may shed some light on how our foam is a component of other parts.

For more information on Armacell’s Component Foam capabilities download our brochure here.

Component Foam Applications:
•    Acoustics
•    Anti-fatigue Mats
•    Chemical Resistance
•    Cushioning / Padding
•    Die Ejection
•    Flotation
•    Gaskets / Seals
•    Shock Absorption
•    Synthetic Turf Underlayment
•    Thermoforming
•    Waterproofing

Component Foam Markets:
•    Aerospace
•    Athletics
•    Automotive
•    Building / Construction
•    Heavy Equipment
•    Industrial
•    Marine
•    Mass Transportation
•    Medical
•    Packaging
•    Sealant Accessory
•    Sports Turf
•    Recreation