If you have used our online professional insulation thickness calculator before, then you will love our refreshed platform, ArmaWin™. It is an innovative tool that helps engineers, specifiers, architects and contractors calculate correct technical values, such as thickness, to be specified on a job using any insulation type in Armacell’s product portfolio. The new calculator offers more comprehensive reports and includes product families that were not available in the past, like our ArmaGel® aerogel blankets.

The main task of insulation on below-ambient equipment is to prevent condensation.  This can’t be achieved unless the proper thickness of insulation is used—install too little and condensation will still occur. To calculate the correct insulation thickness, it is necessary to know the object to be insulated, line temperature, ambient temperature, relative humidity, and location of installation. Installing the proper elastomeric insulation thickness to prevent condensation and heat loss on mechanical HVAC, plumbing and refrigeration systems can be made easier by using the ArmaWin app or online insulation thickness calculator tool. Besides calculating the minimum insulation thickness required for a particular application, ArmaWin can also determine outer surface temperature, heat flow, temperature changes in flowing and stationary media, freezing times for water pipes and the most economical insulation thicknesses, with the shortest payback periods. It is a practical and simple-to-use tool for specifying Armacell’s premium insulation products to ensure they deliver the best possible performance. 

ArmaWin is available online as a web app that can be accessed anytime with Chrome or Firefox browsers. For added convenience you can download our ArmaWin app for Apple iOS and Android operating systems to take it with you to the jobsite or anywhere you need to make calculations on-the-go. With this tool, anyone can calculate the correct thickness of Armacell insulation to meet design requirements, whether that be condensation control, energy conservation, or freeze protection. See how it can help you and your customers with your insulation projects by visiting www.armawin.com