ArmaFlex® 520 Adhesive and ArmaFlex® WB Finish calculator tools can make your next project easier by taking the guesswork out of how much adhesive or coating will be needed for our tubes and sheet products. Every mechanical contractor or installer at some point has experienced the frustration of running out of adhesive or purchasing too much for a job. Often, contractors and installers open a large bucket of adhesive, for example, only to find that truly two or three smaller cans were needed. Or even worse, delaying a critical project because you ran out of adhesive mid-installation and there is a risk of timely completion. With these handy calculator tools, you can purchase only the amounts that you need and ensure you have enough to complete any project. By calculating how many feet of foam tubes a bucket or can of adhesive will cover you can take only what you require to a jobsite. Download this excel table to precisely calculate the right amount of ArmaFlex 520 Adhesive and ArmaFlex WB Finish for your project. Never run short or over buy again!