ArmaTuff Exterior Duct InsulationWhen is insulation covering necessary? Installers and engineers alike often ponder this question when reviewing a mechanical system’s design and environment. All exterior applications of elastomeric-based cellular foam insulation must be protected from weathering and UV radiation to ensure the performance of the insulation. This protection or jacketing as it is commonly referred to, is an outer cover or coating that is wrapped or applied around duct or pipe insulation to shield the insulation from the elements and moisture. In addition to weathering and UV damage, over time insulation can also degrade from mechanical abuse, harsh chemicals, or poor installation causing a loss of energy efficiency effectiveness. When insulation loses its ability to insulate, energy is lost. This energy loss causes mechanical equipment to work harder and water intrusion into the insulation system can cause corrosion under insulation. Application and selection of a barrier such as jacketing, a cover or a coating is key to the long-lasting success of a system. Armacell has several insulation protection solutions to meet any covering requirement.

ArmaTuff®ArmaTuff Exterior Duct Insulation

For harsh industrial environments or exterior insulation applications where UV rays and weather exposure are a problem, Armacell’s ArmaTuff insulation is recommended. ArmaTuff is the one-step installation solution with a protective, heavy-duty laminated cladding already built in so there is no need to apply a separate protective metal jacket. Suited for exterior rooftops, ducts, tanks, vessels, large pipes and fittings, the combination of a tough metal cladding laminated to ArmaFlex® closed-cell foam insulation provides durable, year-round weather protection without compromising aesthetics.

ArmaFlex® Shield

Jacketing flexible pipe insulation that does not follow straight lines can be a challenge. ArmaFlex Shield is a flexible foam insulation that is moisture and UV resistant with a factory-applied durable protective jacket specially designed for line set, HVAC and refrigeration applications. This tough coating can take the abuse of challenging installations and stands up to the effects of weather elements like UV, heat and cold, making it a great choice for outdoor applications. It even resists damage by line trimmers and other outdoor hazards. It’s a low-maintenance alternative to unprotected insulation and adds an additional layer of defense.

ArmaFlex® WB Finish

Another application protection option is ArmaFlex WB Finish, a white, water-based, 100% acrylic coating for use over all forms of ArmaFlex insulation. ArmaFlex WB Finish is exceptionally durable and weather resistant to UV and ozone. This paintable coating is engineered to dry without fumes and has cold weather flexibility as it resists cracking providing a clean, moisture-resistant protective finish suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Outdoor surfaces should be recoated every 2 to 4 years.

Arma-Chek® ArmaChek is part of the ArmaSound Industrial System

Armacell’s Arma-Chek is a flexible, non-metallic separate cladding covering with no risk of surface corrosion that enhances the life expectancy of the equipment it protects. Arma-Chek requires significantly less monitoring and maintenance than metallic cladding systems and provides superior protection. Although designed to work as a covering system for ArmaFlex materials, Arma-Chek is universally applicable and can be installed as a protective covering over a variety of other materials.

If your application requires a PVC or metal jacket, Armacell doesn’t currently supply these coverings. We recommend you source them from a third party that specializes in jacketing solutions.