“Profiles” are extruded foam shapes produced in tubes, solid rods and specialized shapes. They are made in continuous lengths and can be sold that way or cut to a desired consistent length. You may have seen profile materials used as protective packaging on fragile goods such as glass tops or delicate edges of metal trim that could be easily chipped, dented or scratched. It’s also commonly used for safety purposes to protect people from sharp edges or dangerous corners.

Material Choices

Armacell makes profiles in two basic formulas: Elastomeric and Polyolefin. EnsoLine® is our durable, closed-cell elastomeric (or rubber-based) foam that is extruded into tubes and shapes. Tubular forms are commonly used for ergonomic grips on fitness machines and therapeutic equipment as well as in mechanical and automotive applications. Specialized profiles are used for child safety guards and other protective padding.

OleCell® is our polyethylene-based foam profile that is extruded into almost any shape to be used in a variety of industries and can be tailored to meet specific specifications for all types of applications.  It’s extremely lightweight and 100% recyclable. Common uses include packaging, recreation, flotation, protective, gap fillers, thermal, and acoustics.  

How it’s Made

The process of making high quality OleCell polyethylene foam begins with thermoplastic raw materials, colorants and additives. Adjustments are modified to create the desired density, structure and color, and to add beneficial characteristics like flame retardance and UV-stability. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed before moving into the extruder where they are heated to a molten state. The mixture is then pushed through a precise “die” in the extrusion process. This die or small hole is the exact shape of the desired finished product. When it meets the air, the mixture expands to roughly 20 times its size! The extruded polyethylene foam is then cooled and may be wound into a shipping container or cut to the desired lengths. PE profiles require a 10-day cure time at our facility before they can be shipped. This is included in our quoted lead time and should be noted when you request your order. EnsoLine profiles are made in a similar way, but do not require the 10-day cure period.

Available in a wide range of colors, polyethylene can be foamed into many shapes in a variety of densities. In tubing, Armacell offers a full range of inside diameter choices from as small as 1/8" I.D. to as large as 4-1/2" I.D. and in various wall thicknesses, creating a tube to match your specification. EnsoLine elastomeric foam profiles are also offered in colors in Nitrile PVC formulas, but the more utilitarian crushed foams and EPDMs are only available in black.

Custom Orders

Armacell has a huge selection of profile shape capabilities, but we can also design custom shapes for your application. A custom order requires our technical engineers to develop a new die that fits the exact requirements of your request. Drawing, tooling and testing may require up to 12 weeks. A sample run will be included in your quotation and you will be able to approve the samples before it goes into production.

OleCell profiles are made in our Brampton, Canada and Yukon, Oklahoma facilities and EnsoLine profiles are made in Conover, North Carolina. Ask your Armacell sales rep about minimum order quantities and lead times.

Profile Applications:


  • Impact resistance
  • Edge protection


  • Pool toys
  • Oil Boom


  • Gaps fillers
  • Expansion joints

Fitness and Recreation

  • Play/sport padding
  • Exercise rollers

Home Furnishings

  • Furniture cushioning
  • Bedding components


  • Corner protectors
  • Bumper guards
  • Child-proofing


  • Sound absorption
  • Vibration management

For more information visit our Profiles web page here.