In the ongoing fight against COVID-19, one of the biggest concerns is how the virus is overpowering our healthcare infrastructure. Healthcare facilities are being impacted at an alarming rate and based on studies by the Harvard Global Health Institute, the United States has a deficit of at least 50,000 ICU beds. To fill that shortfall, new pop-up healthcare facilities and mobile ICUs are rapidly becoming a revolutionary solution for the medical space and the country. Engineers and architects in this industry should take note that when designing these new modular spaces, noise abatement and patient privacy protection must be a key consideration. Fortunately, Armacell has answers for this concern.

In addition to our elastomeric foam insulation duct liner and duct wrap having excellent acoustical properties, our ArmaComfort MTD tape is another solution that can provide sound transmission isolation. Using our easy-to-install tape before drywall installation in a new medical facility ensures a quieter healthcare environment, especially where inadvertently sharing patient information is a potential problem. This revolutionary tape, when applied along steel studs in a conventional wall assembly, limits sound from passing through the wall, resulting in quieter, more comfortable rooms with increased privacy.

  • Mechanical decoupling reduces sound passing through a wall assembly and also provides a thermal break
  • Excellent sound isolation at mid-level to high frequencies
  • Used in place of resilient channel or isolation clips
  • Up to a 7-point improvement in the Sound Transmission Class STC ratings
  • Meets ASTM E84 Class B and is UL classified* for use in rated assemblies
  • Quick installation – just peel and press to one side of steel stud face before drywall installation

* This product has been classified by UL as to ANSI/UL 263 for Wall and Partition Facings and Accessories (CLB.R38810) in the US

* This product has been certified by UL as to ANSI/UL 263 for Wall and Partition Facings and Accessories (CLBV.R38810) in Canada