People assume AP Armaflex® Insulation Tape is for joining seams between sections of flexible pipe insulation; however, that is not the recommended use for this product at all.

AP Armaflex Insulation Tape is designed to be used in place of the pipe insulation for fittings in tight spaces or awkwardly-shaped valves and bends.  When you use the insulation tape and properly marry it with AP Armaflex pipe insulation you provide total system integrity; same as if you did the whole job with tube insulation. 

The closed-cell, fiber-free foam tape can be wrapped around pipes and valves building up layers of tape to create the proper insulation thickness to control condensation on cold piping, prevent heat loss on hot water, or prevent freezing on any pipes. Used this way, it will provide the same protection as Armaflex insulation.

We recommend making custom fittings or buying AP Armaflex pre-fabricated fittings for most Tee’s and elbows, but when you can’t, insulating with AP Armaflex Insulation Tape is recommended. It is especially useful on short sections located in hard-to-reach areas or on valves and bends for which constructing insulation fittings may be too complicated. Simplifying the application of Armaflex insulation in these challenging areas, saves you time on the job.


Attractive appearance – clean, smooth, black surface gives insulated lines a neat, consistent appearance.

Closed cell structure – seals out air and moisture making a low transmittance vapor barrier when properly wrapped. 

Low thermal “k” – efficient insulating properties retard heat flow, keeping cold lines cold and hot lines hot.

Convenient and easy to use – release paper is easily removed; tape wraps quickly and sticks in place firmly. No bands, wires or additional adhesive needed. Tape is applied in multiple layers to meet applicable service requirements.

Check out our new AP Armaflex Insulation Tape Instruction Guide here to learn more about the proper use of this versatile product.