While shopping for building supplies, pick everything up at one place. We continue to broaden access to our popular pipe insulation and accessories. 

For taking on small jobs, there’s no need to make a special order at a commercial distributor. To save you time and convenience, hardware retailers like Ace Hardware, Menard’s, Do-It-Best and The Home Depot offer Armacell’s pipe insulation as well as recommended accessories. You can find both a selection of Polyethylene (PE) and Elastomeric (EL) foam insulation to meet the specific needs of your project. Common pipe ID’s are offered in stores while additional sizes and products such as continuous coils / cartons are made available to order online at HomeDepot.com and soon to be available on Amazon.com. What a better way to shop, order online and have it shipped directly to the job site. Don’t forget that purchasing through The Home Depot ProXtra loyalty program can credit towards earning rewards.

Our two popular insulation types:

  • Armaflex® the original, elastomeric (EL) flexible closed-cell pipe foam pipe insulation for HVAC, refrigeration and plumbing.
  • Tundra® economical polyethylene (PE) flexible closed-cell pipe foam insulation for residential heating and plumbing lines.

Products to consider for larger projects:

  • Armaflex Coil, continuous coil elastomeric foam insulation for better yield, less waste on bigger jobs. 
  • Lap seal and self-seal products that offer quick installation for retro fits, less cutting and piecing and extra security of the lap seal closure.

Keep in mind selecting the right accessories plays a critical role in installation and assures performance.


  • Fittings tees and elbows 

Armaflex Fabricated Fittings 

  • Adhesive/glue

Armacell 520 BLV

  • Tape

AP Armaflex Foam Insulation Tape