Pools and lounge areas are filling up fast as families, friends, and recreation groups enjoy the warm weather, get some exercise, and take a dip in the refreshing water. While enjoying swimming and playing in a pool, lake or ocean is nice, most people also have a desire to float around and relax.

Pool noodles, also known as “water logs”, “woggles”, and “water noodles”, are colorful foam toys that have excellent water resistance and are fun and safe. Pool noodles are a great way for swimmers of all ages to play water games or just relax with a little extra buoyancy in the water. Even our pets, especially dogs, wanting to cool off from the heat enjoy floating when using a pool noodle in the water! Available in a wide variety of high impact colors and exciting shapes, these durable toys are the perfect addition to a day at the pool. 

Not only is Armacell the maker of the original pool noodle, but also the top seller of pool noodles in North America. If you pick up a noodle at any given pool, there’s a good chance it was made by Armacell. Our polyethylene foam noodles are sold at most major retailers in the US and Canada. Armacell’s Tundra brand noodles come in four colors and four sizes that ship 40 to a carton with an easy-pull-tab perf that allows the box to convert into a display container. Have fun with our pool noodles and increase your enjoyment this summer.