We are proud to lead the industry in product innovation, training development, and technical education. Enhancing the education and skills of highly qualified technicians and installers is at the forefront of our communication to the market. 

The Armacell Qualified Installer Program, or AQIP, has recently been revamped and expanded to include a combination of online coursework and in-person training with an Armacell application expert. This new installer certification program remains free to eligible mechanical installation organizations. In the past an individual installer was trained and then considered a “qualified installer” for a two-year period. With employee development, people change jobs over time so maintaining follow-up with trainees for renewals and preferred installer referrals is a challenge. With the launch of our new program, companies which successfully train at least 20% of their staff can be designated as an AQIP-certified company. Now Armacell will maintain the company information in a database for qualified mechanical insulation installers.

At Armacell we know that improper installation is the number one cause of insulation failure. That’s why it’s so important to have skilled, knowledgeable contractors installing our products,” says Shawn Dunahue, Armacell GM Marketing, AMERICAS. “We redesigned our popular AQIP to include in-depth, online training as well as the hands-on sessions. When a company sends at least 20% of their staff through the training, the company is now considered certified and will be part of our referral database that is promoted by Armacell to engineers and general contractors looking for qualified installers.”

The first AQIP-certified company to complete the new training is Dover Insulation of Marion, North Carolina which sent 18 participants to the training and online courses. “We want Dover Insulation to have a team of highly skilled installers who can use up-to-date techniques for accuracy and efficiency,” says Laura Dover, Owner and President of Dover Insulation. “The team found the online course to be a great addition to the hands-on training. We’re very proud to be the first AQIP-certified company to complete the new program!

Trained by our own ArmaFlex® application specialists, insulation contractors and installers learn:  

  • Specialized tips and techniques that ensure a successful, long-lasting installation
  • How to properly cut, glue, seam, and seal elastomeric foam material
  • How to custom fabricate fitting covers that fit like a glove
  • How to use ArmaFlex approved adhesives, tapes, coatings and pipe hangers

For more information on the AQIP program, please contact us or visit our AQIP program details webpage here.