What is fire safety design?

Successful fire safety design requires a thorough understanding of fire components, fire sources, material interactions, early detection, smoke movement, building structure heat transfer, human behaviors, and smoke toxicity. Engineers, architects, and building owners must ensure that a building’s design includes the safest possible materials and systems in the case of a fire emergency. 

The cornerstone of fire safety design is fire compartmentation. Fire compartmentation is the act of subdividing a building into smaller compartments using fire resistant materials in order to control or slow the spread of fire and create more manageable areas of risk. This tactic provides multiple levels of safety in a fire event by providing building users sufficient time to escape. Insulation systems are an important part of a building’s fire compartmentation strategy designed to seal penetration points and support containment when required. Compartmentation also keeps escape routes free from smoke and allows emergency responders to safely enter the scene and begin to fight a fire. It also protects property and equipment from damage and reduces the risk of explosion or ceiling collapse.

Why is fire safety design so important?

When a fire happens, people only have about three minutes to escape the flames and smoke. With Armacell’s insulation solutions, like ArmaFlex® Ultra with FlameDefense™ technology, you can take your fire safety measures BEYOND BETTER, enhancing safety levels to save lives and protect property in the event of fire. This solution resists burning and reduces smoke development and when installed properly, it is a reliable and compliant solution that buys more time for building users and emergency responders. Our commitment to building code requirements drove the pursuit of a UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) Classification Mark, which mandates that materials are evaluated by independent, third-party testing facilities compliant with UL classified testing and auditing requirements. This innovative product is the first elastomeric insulation Classified by UL to UL 723 at flame/smoke rating of less than 25/50. In the event of fire, materials that are UL 723 classified will burn slower and produce less smoke. Unlike any other elastomeric insulation manufacturer on the market, ArmaFlex Ultra also meets an IMC (International Mechanical Code) third-party certification requirement.

With patented FlameDefense technology, ArmaFlex Ultra goes beyond the required building codes and international safety regulations. When installing this insulation solution, take comfort in knowing that you are providing valuable time when it counts.

Want to see it for yourself? Check out our YouTube channel to see ArmaFlex Ultra at work: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvP_0dRSKKs

Discover more about how Armacell can help you to take your fire safety requirements Beyond Better: https://arma.link/9hczh4