Armacell specializes in comprehensive mechanical insulation solutions engineered for the unique construction challenges of today. Our Solutions Portfolio offers the right elastomeric products and accessories for code compliance, systems performance, and budgets for a variety of commercial projects like apartment housing, office buildings, hotels and resorts, educational facilities, and even in data centers. Our complete approach to solving insulation challenges in commercial construction makes choosing the right insulation for the project easier.

The Solutions Portfolio is tailored to the top construction sectors of today. Depending on project needs and code compliance, we offer three levels of performance packages that include our vast range of insulation products. These three solution packages aim to make the specification of the right insulation on mechanical systems in a project easier than ever before. Packages are broken out by Superior, High and Standard Performance.

Specifying in Sectors

Fast-growing construction sectors like Commercial Office/Mixed-Use buildings and properties that marry residential and commercial spaces. They may include apartments or condos along with commercial office space, shopping, or restaurants. These distinct uses propose HVAC and energy challenges for building designers. Armacell has energy efficient insulation solutions that support this market.

Hospitals and Medical Centers
are vital to the well-being of our communities. Saving lives depends on state-of-the-art medical devices but also high performing heating, cooling, and ventilation systems to keep patients comfortable and preserve indoor air quality. Armacell has Healthcare insulation solutions engineered for medical facilities.

Whether students are K-12 or part of a higher learning institute, all Schools and Educational buildings need to have high performing HVAC systems. Insulation that saves energy and preserves indoor air quality is a must. Armacell’s innovative insulation solutions for schools and universities make us first in our class.

More than 80% of the U.S. population lives in urban areas where they can be close to employment opportunities, mass transit, better education, and healthcare options. Urbanization is one of the trends driving Multi-family Construction and it is vital for housing to exist for this increasing population. Energy efficiency is key to operating a multi-family complex successfully. Armacell has innovative insulation solutions engineered for multi-family buildings.

Another fast-growing commercial market is Data Centers. Data management and storage centers are changing and becoming more versatile, and in turn using more power. With this transformation, the demand for data centers with more processing power is driving the move to improved cooling strategies with better energy efficiency. Armacell’s insulation products can provide relief to cooling systems in this fast-paced industry.

Hotels in the U.S. spend 6% of their operating cost each year on energy. Controlling that number saves money, but also increases guest comfort. Specifying the right insulation saves energy, controls condensation, improves acoustics, and helps HVAC systems perform better longer in these large-scale hospitality buildings. Armacell has closed-cell insulation solutions that offer these important benefits to hotel construction projects.
There are more than 38,000 Supermarkets in the U.S. and each one has on average 10 walk-in cooler or freezer units. These refrigeration units must run 24/7, so finding ways to save energy and costs is important while controlling the cost of refrigeration. Specifying Armacell Solutions for Supermarket refrigeration, HVAC and plumbing systems is the easy choice as we have several options of closed-cell foam insulation that provide long-lasting thermal protection, control condensation and save energy.

From designing innovative and safe insulation options, to offering specification support, onsite application training, and a superior supply chain network, we understand what makes a commercial construction project successful. Whether you are the mechanical engineer who designs high-performance mechanical systems, an insulation contractor who installs the insulation on a system, or a distributor who supports contractors, Armacell is your partner in the process.

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