Armacell is a pioneer in the field of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) technology and initiated the breakthrough of PET-based foam cores in the composite industry (2005). Ever since, Armacell has significantly invested in the research and development of this state-of-the-art technology. Our rigid, engineered ArmaForm® structural foam is a lightweight core that is ideal for the blades of wind turbines. Yet this is only one area of application for this lightweight, recyclable thermoplastic.


  • Wind Energy
  • Building and Construction
  • Transport
  • Marine

The circular economy involves switching from a linear 'make-take-dispose' economy to one based on 'reduce, reuse and recycle'. An economy in which waste and pollution are designed out, products and materials are kept in use longer, and natural systems are regenerated. The plastics circular economy is a model for a closed system that promotes the reuse of plastic products, generates value from waste, and avoids sending recoverable plastics to landfill.

In the post-consumer life cycle of a plastic bottle, Armacell’s patented reprocessing technology creates a virtuous eco cycle. After collection, the PET bottles are sorted and then crushed into flakes. This is followed by an in-house granulation process and, finally, extrusion foaming.

Today, the sustainability of the individual component is becoming a relevant decision criterion in the materials selection process. Since production started in 2010, we have used more than 1,500,000,000 recycled PET bottles in our worldwide PET foam production. The trend of designing environmentally friendly composite structures that are light, strong and recyclable has led industrial designers, specifiers and composite manufacturers to accelerate the substitution of conventional polymeric foam materials with our ArmaPET® product suite.

Whether you are looking for composite materials in the wind energy sector, searching for insulating core materials for building and construction, or would like a choice of fire safety materials for railway composite applications, ArmaPET enhances innovative product solutions. No matter the market or application, ArmaPET provides a high-performance and highly environmentally friendly alternative to PVC, Balsa, SAN, PUR or honeycomb core materials and other comparable foam products.

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