Three Things to Consider when Protecting Insulation Piping

For maximum longevity, most insulation systems recommend adding a protective jacket or applying a UV resistant coating on the exterior insulation to protect where outdoor environmental exposure is present. However, these products are labor intensive to install, as they can require cutting, riveting, clamping, painting, and caulking seams. Even after installation, these products usually need periodic checks for cracking, as well as, paint and seal maintenance.

1.) Insulation outside can be exposed to several threats and dangers

  • UV degradation and solar radiation
  • Moisture or humidity from rain, snow and sleet
  • Mechanical abuse from repairs, tools, footsteps, or string trimmers
  • Animal abuse (birds and other vermin)
  • Wind or wind-blown sand
  • Atmospheric contamination from surrounding industries, chemicals or air pollutants
  • Organic contaminants resulting in mold growth
  • Expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations

2.) Insulation Must Meet Exterior Code

The IECC and ASHRAE standards make it clear that installing insulation on exterior systems like line sets, HVAC systems or refrigeration piping without protection is not in compliance. Armacell’s ArmaFlex® Shield is a flexible foam insulation that is moisture-resistant and UV-resistant product with a durable protective jacket that meets codes and standards.. ArmaFlex Shield meets the IECC code and ASHERAD standard 90.1 requirements so it is an excellent choice when selecting outdoor insulation. Once it is properly installed, no coatings or maintenance is required. This low-maintenance alternative to unprotected insulation comes in a variety of sizes and is available in coil form for easy installation on exterior applications.

3.) Top Product Solution

ArmaShield’s tough coating can take the abuse of challenging installations and stands up to the effects of weather and extreme elements like UV, heat and cold, making it a great choice for outdoor applications. Flexible foam insulations with a built in jacket can be a simple solution that can take the abuse of challenging installations and eliminate maintenance. With durability in mind, the jacket provides tough protection against moisture ingress and deliver a near zero perm rating. The jacket not only provides physical and water protection, but also offers excellent UV protection and ozone-resistance.