Engineered Foam Industrial Solutions

Armacell offers a wide range of product solutions suitable to the industrial environment. Often the same key conditions need to be met in an industrial setting as in any other construction job: energy efficiency, condensation control, protective covering and acoustic properties. Closed cell elastomeric foam meets those needs with over 60 years of product expertise to back it up. Armacell’s Component Foam division has the expertise to create specialized elastomeric and polyolefin foam products in sheets, rolls or buns (blocks) for OEM customers and fabricators. Many of our customers make gaskets and seals for machinery, white goods and other motorized equipment with special performance requirements converted from our component foam.

Our specialized products have good resistance to low and elevated temperatures, flame, weathering, oil, fuel and other chemicals, and weathering. A variety of Armacell products, such as EnsoLite® and Monarch® elastomeric products are UL-listed to UL50E, UL508 or UL48. For example, electrical enclosure applications have strict gasket specifications to ensure proper and safe sealing. Armacell UL listings include the JMLU2 and JMST2 categories for UL / NEMA electrical enclosures to meet these requirements.

Flame resistance is of the utmost importance to some manufacturers, so Armacell makes some foam products that are UL 94 listed for both horizontal and vertical burns. UL QMFZ2 listings include UL 94 HBF, HF-1 V-0, 5VA and 5VB. Our elastomeric component foams have been used by Caterpillar and John Deere for heavy-equipment gasketing applications.

Advanced Insulation Industrial Solutions

ArmaFlex® Ultra, AP ArmaFlex and NH ArmaFlex® are options that can serve industrial locations including chemical processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing. UT SolaFlex is designed for temperatures up to 300°F and is ideal for solar hot water installations.

We innovate in new technologies and focus on insulation systems that deliver superior technical performance. We developed a dedicated range of industrial materials to meet the demanding requirements of the oil and gas sector. Armacell’s ArmaGel® HT is our innovative flexible aerogel blanket technology for superior thermal properties for high temperature (up to 1200°F) yet requires much less thickness than other insulation options. ArmaGel DT is our new cryogenic and dual-temperature aerogel blanket insulation. Both help prevent dangerous CUI (corrosion under the insulation) that can trigger catastrophic failures in industrial settings.

Our technical team has extensive knowledge in the field and continuously improves our testing standards to meet the changing needs of industrial manufacturers and their suppliers.

Everywhere you are – at work or play, home or leisure – Armacell is there with you. With solutions that conserve energy, reduce noise levels, keep food fresh or add comfort and safety. Armacell products improve the quality of life for people everywhere.