This past month, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin rockets streaked into our atmosphere on a civilian adventure with small crews. These 10-minute up-and-down flights were high-tech joyrides in a spacecraft that have now set the stage for the start of commercial passenger services. With this amazing advancement in aviation and aerospace, generations to come will have greater access to the great beyond of space in highly engineered space shuttles and rockets of varying models. The current aerospace and defense industry and now the subsequent private commercial space travel markets require superior products that solve the growing need for improved safety, noise reduction, vibration damping, air and dust sealing, chilled pipe insulating, and comfort advancement. Armacell’s wide range of foam solutions help provide safety and answers to the challenges of space travel.

Did you know that a space shuttle is made of three main parts: the orbiter, the external tank, and the rocket boosters? The orbiter alone has over 2.5 million parts - a standard car has only around 30,000! Putting the mechanical systems into perspective shows how vast and complex rocket science is and how far we have advanced as society. Utilizing advanced technologies like Armacell’s solutions to insulate ice cold propellants, reduce aerodynamic noise, and bone rattling vibrations is a novel idea.

Armacell brings more than half a century of science and innovation to foam technology and we have the expertise to create specialized foam products in sheets, rolls or blocks (buns). Most of our foam materials can be cut to various shapes to fulfill a variety of aerospace customer needs including laminating to other materials to create high performance composites. Flame resistant and customizable, our foam materials can be used in multiple aerospace sealing and padding applications throughout the airplane cabin and mechanical or service compartments, as well as anti-rattle and noise damping solutions.

Armacell is continuously working to improve our products and foam formulations so we may always meet the changing needs of the aerospace industry and its suppliers. A number of EnsoLite®, ArmaSport® and Monarch® products are listed as approved products that meet the requirements of various aerospace and OEM’s specifications.

Typical Applications for Aerospace

  • Chilled refrigerated pipe insulation
  • Seals between mating surfaces
  • Sound dampening or sealing tape
  • Vibration and noise control
  • Pads or cushioning
  • Fabricated gaskets and seals
  • Rubber stripping