Anti-fatigue Mats

Anti-Fatigue MatsArmacell's EnsoLite foam is ideal for minimizing static electricity discharge and fatigue associated with standing

Workers who spend a lot of time on their feet find substantial relief with anti-fatigue mats. These mats ease discomfort and create a more ergonomic workspace. Manufacturers of commercial and residential anti-fatigue mats rely on Armacell component foam cores to reduce fatigue, as well as control static electricity where it could be harmful.


  • Meets ANSI recommended level of static resistance to lower the risk of ignition hazard and damage to electronic equipment

 Anti-Fatigue and SafetyEnsolite AFM-ESD

  • The high-density and firmness level of the rubber-blend material provides cushioning for long periods of standing without fatigue

  • Promotes wellness. Increases productivity by enhancing the comfort of employees in their workstations

  • Reduces slips, falls and pain associated with prolonged standing. May reduce worker’s compensation claims related to strains and injuries on the job

 Long-lasting Durability

  • The closed-cell foam, vinyl nitrile-rubber blend material is durable and long lasting

  • Does not absorb liquids

  • Highly resistant to chemicals

  • Wipes clean easily with conventional detergents

  • Latex and silicone free

    Anti-Fatigue Store


  • Uniform surface accepts printing

  • Several embossing patterns available

  • Has good adhesion to other substrates

  • Optional beveled edges and embossing improve traction and reduce the risk of tripping

  • Available with an anti-microbial additive for increased mold resistance

Download a data sheet for all the relevant technical data and physical properties. Check our Product Selector Tool to find products that meet your requirements. Custom products are an option, so please contact us with specific questions regarding your product or application.

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