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AP Coilflex Conformable Duct Liner
Patent pending, engineered for automated applications with water-based adhesives
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Patent pending AP Coilflex Duct Liner is engineered for automated applications with water-based adhesives in accordance with SMACNA pinning and spacing guidelines,or unpinned applications using Armaflex 520 Adhesive. Available in rolls in a range of widths including 59˝ and 60˝, in 1˝ thickness (or 1/2˝ special order).
  • Practical: Easily conforms to fabricated duct corners without stiffness or compression; cuts easier and faster
  • Mold Resistant: Made with Microban antimicrobial product protection
  • Indoor Air Quality: Fiber-free, formaldehyde-free, low VOC’s, non-particulating
  • Plenum rated: Safe for institutional air ducts, meets NFPA standards
  • Noise blocking and vibration dampening
AP Coilflex Duct Liner is a patent pending, highly conformable, pliable elastomeric thermal insulation. It is manufactured without the use of CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs.The Microban® antimicrobial protection is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency for use in air ducts (EPA Reg. No. 1258-840-42182). It is added during manufacturing to provide an extra level of defense to the natural mold resistance of AP Coilflex. AP Coilflex is effective for reducing HVAC noise. It is supplied in rolls 46˝, 47˝, 48˝, 56-1/4˝, 59˝ and 60˝ wide, in 1˝ (or 1/2˝ special order) thicknesses. It can be applied with current water-based adhesives and pinning per SMACNA requirements or unpinned using Armaflex 520 Adhesives.

AP Coilflex Duct Liner, like AP Armaflex Duct Liners, is ideal for air handling systems, VAV units, ducts and other air system components requiring condensation control and resistance to moisture, damage or heat gain. They also reduce noise generated by fans and air movement as well as the rattle or popping of sheet metal air ducts. Coilflex is especially effective factory-applied, including on automated coiling lines, for end use in areas like schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial and public buildings

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