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Armacell Financial Highlights 2017

The 2017 financial highlights are in. Revenues up by 8% to EUR 603 million, adjusted EBITDA increased to EUR 102 million, and integration of acquired businesses on track.

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Armacell and KÖPP announce “Partnership for Excellence”

Armacell is pleased to announce that as part of this agreement, Köpp a leading manufacturer and processor of cellular rubber and polyethylene foam in Europe will transfer its proprietary bun foam technology to Armacell. Both parties will increase global product availability and provide customers with extended service coverage.

Visit Armacell and Köpp this week at The Foam Expo in Novi, Michigan. Booth #639.

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Armacell Launches Next Generation Aerogel Blanket

As part of the company’s new ArmaGel range, ArmaGel HT is optimised for high-temperature applications up to 650 degrees Celsius. With its exceptionally low thermal conductivity, it is one of the best performing insulation materials available today, offering equal thermal performance at a fraction of the thickness - up to 80 percent thinner than competing insulation products. It will introduce new sizes of aerogel blankets to the market providing the customer with more choice.

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Armacell Announces the Winners of the 2017 ArmaFlex Photo Contest

The contest, which was launched in August 2017, sought to recognize insulation contractors who are skilled craftsmen at their trade. More than 40 entries were submitted over four months. Judging took place in December in front of a committee of ArmaFlex application specialists and trainers along with members of Armacell’s Marketing team. Together the team has over 70 years of insulation expertise. The winners received $500, $200 and $100 USD respectively.

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Armacell Announces New WIDE WIDTH AP Armaflex® FS Duct Liner and Wrap

Armacell is now making our closed cell, fiber free AP Armaflex® FS and AP Armaflex FS SA Duct Liner and Wrap insulation in 1-1/2" thickness in wider width 56-1/4", 59" and 60" rolls. Meet R-6 code requirements while saving time and labor with easy-to-install matching widths that eliminate the need to splice 48" material to into longer ducts.

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