Foam for Medical ApplicationsComponent foam materials for the medical and healthcare markets

Armacell’s elastomeric and polyolefin component foams in sheets, rolls and buns (blocks) help meet the needs of many healthcare applications, from sound absorption to flame-resistant bedding.

Ensolite® and OleTex® foams are tested for excellent shock absorption and can be fabricated for use in such applications as anti-fatigue mats. High elongation foam formulations can be also used as cushioning for orthopedic braces and padding. Ensolite and ArmaSport® foams can be supplied for use in flame-resistant bedding, bumpers and pads.

Vinyl dipping is an option where extra surface durability and easy cleaning is desired.

Applications:Foam for Medical Applications

  • Acoustical / sound deadening

  • Anti-fatigue mats

  • Flame resistant beds, bumpers and pads

  • Knee and elbow pads

Check our Product Selector Tool and Technical Specification Guide to find products that meet your requirements. Custom products are an option, so please contact us with specific questions regarding your product or application.



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