Marine ApplicationsMarine insulation solutions for demanding onshore and offshore applications

Armacell elastomeric insulation solutions stand up to the harshest marine environments, providing both thermal and acoustical protection on ships or vessels and onshore or offshore installations (oil, gas and wind), while also meeting associated fire-safety requirements.

Armacell closed-cell foam is frequently used to insulate piping, tanks, and air ducts, and to prevent stress corrosion with stainless-steel pipes in the following applications:

  • U.S. Navy applications

  • General shipbuilding

  • IMO (International Maritime Organization)

  • Nuclear power plants

  • Other areas where non-halogenated or chlorine-free materials may be required

Non-Halogen InsulationMarine Applications

NH ArmaFlex® is a non-halogen elastomeric insulation developed for sweat control in environments that require specific protection against smoke containing acid gases. It is the first non-halogen flexible insulation introduced for shipboard use. NH ArmaFlex is an engineered closed-cell foam material that eliminates the toxic gases that may threaten personnel and sensitive electronic equipment including effects from:

  • Chlorines

  • Bromines

  • PVC

Available in tube, sheet and roll form, NH ArmaFlex is easier to install with improved durability over other approved products. NH ArmaFlex has been fire tested at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in controlled comparisons with baseline materials. Further testing through DDG-51 and NSSN produced references that NH ArmaFlex scored better than MIL-P-15280J materials such as AP ArmaFlex.



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