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Watch Free Webinar on Flammability and Toxicity Testing Best Practice for Foams in Transportation to Ensure Industry Compliance and Passenger Safety

The aerospace, mass transit an automotive industries all have stringent flammability and toxicity testing requirements to ensure passenger safety and prevent loss of life. There are a variety of different analysis and technologies available, and the material used, the application and the forming process all impact the results.

The webinar examines how these factors impact the testing process and what to take into consideration when selecting the right thermal test for your application to ensure accurate results.

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What you will learn?

  • Application variability on test results
  • Material selection
  • Manufacturing variability
  • Sample preparation
  • Controlling the testing environment
  • Test configuration selection

Who was speaking?

Isabel Wright, Technical Manager of Component Foams, Armacell LLC

John Moylan, General Manager, Element Materials Technology

The webinar included an interactive Q&A allowing the speaker panel to answer questions.

Recorded Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Duration: 50 Minutes

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