Learn More About STC Ratings of ArmSound MTD Tape—Watch this Video

Using ArmaSound® MTD tape in commercial wall assemblies increases the STC rating and reduces disturbing noise for building occupants. It is an easy-to-install alternative to resilient channel or isolation clips.

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Armacell Yukon, OK Recruitment Video

Watch to find out more about how you can work for Armacell.


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Insulation Insights Series: Preventing Rain Indoors

Check out our first in a series of explainer videos directed to mechanical engineers and insulation contractors. Video #1 tackles condensation control on below ambient piping. You may have had the experience where chilled water or refrigeration lines sweat and then it’s basically raining indoors. Watch the video and learn how the proper type and thickness of insulation can solve this common problem.

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Armacell Company Video

Our official 2018 Armacell company video “Making a Difference Around the World” is available now.

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Armacell Spencer, WV Recruitment Video

We hire for a career, not just to fill a vacancy! To achieve our ambitious objectives, we need people who want to have an impact on the success of our business. We strive to attract employees that will go the extra mile as a team member.

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