Practice with the Wrong Equipment

Not all golf mats are created equal. Most golfers practice on worn out  hard golf mats at the country club or driving range. You could be picking up bad habits or even risking injury practicing on worn out golf mats. When practicing with high end golf mat, the padded surface will protect you from a jarring hit off of a hard surface. Practicing on a worn mat will not help you improve your swing. The premium golf mat with a shock pad can provide repeatable results as you work on your technique. You need the right equipment for the job.

Committed Hitting

A quality mat will be easier on the wrist and elbows. Premium synthetic turf bonded to quality pad like Armacell’s ArmaSport® or OleTex® products, provides cushioning, instant feedback and a bit of give. Using a premium mat can help a player be more committed to hitting down and through the shot.

Innovative Experience

Amateurs and pros alike use golf mats to improve their game. Whether they are practicing long drives, chipping outdoors or iron swings in a simulator, they appreciate a golf mat with a real turf-like feel that simulates playing outdoors. Armacell’s golf mat shock pad provides that “fairway” feel. Armacell’s closed-cell foam pads are high-quality, first run material providing  a consistent feel across the mat. All our foam pad materials are produced in the USA and shipped in roll form.

Two Product Families to Choose From:

Armacell’s ArmaSport® TU2 is our premium shock pad. A black closed-cell, PVC/NBR, rubber-based foam pad that provides the most realistic feel. It’s flexible, comfortable and durable enough for years of practice in the home or backyard. Synthetic turf should be bonded with contact adhesives.

Armacell’s Armacell OleTex® CDJN 400 and 440 are most economical options. Both are black closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene (XPLE) foam pads. Armacell pads are consistent, flexible and durable. They also don’t absorbed water making them an excellent choice for wet conditions. Hot melt joining is recommended for XPLE bonding.

Download a Golf Mat Flyer for all the relevant technical data and physical properties. Custom products are an option, so please contact us with specific questions regarding your product or application.