Mechanical insulation installers know they have many technical application requirements when working with Armacell insulation. Having knowledge about the insulation products, application process, and special techniques can give distributors and manufacturing representatives the competitive edge that can benefit not only the customer but also further future business relationships.

Since installation quality is essential to the success of any application project, Armacell has provided insulation application training since the 1960’s, and even established the ArmaFlex Qualified Installer Program (AQIP) in 2010, which provides expert instruction in the installation of elastomeric closed-cell foam. We’ve trained generations of installers to enhance their skills and master their technique. This free training program is solely focused on ensuring best practices are shared with anyone interested in learning about the foam fabrication and installation process as it involves a different skill set than fiberglass board and pipe insulation. Contractors and installers from all over the country sign up for these hands-on training sessions, which are taught by an elastomeric foam application specialist, and distributors can learn the basics down to the specifics to ensure they understand their customer’s requirements

Ensuring Confident Installation

This is a customized hands-on training program takes around two hours to complete. They are often scheduled in cooperation with a local insulation distributor and held at their facility, but can also be coordinated to do the training right on a job site if necessary. Topics and materials included during the closely supervised, hands-on training:

  • How to cut, glue, seam and seal elastomeric foam material
  • How to create custom fabricated fitting covers that fit like a glove
  • How to use ArmaFlex approved adhesives, tapes, coatings and pipe hangers
  • Tips and tricks that can save time and money while providing a professional appearance
  • The use and application of special application techniques
  • Participants receive a certificate of completion after finishing the training

For more information on the AQIP program, please contact us.

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