ArmaSport® Foam Products

Quality, innovative foams for use in sport, athletic and leisure applications.

ArmaSport foam products are specifically engineered for a variety of indoor and outdoor athletic fields, facilities and equipment to provide shock absorption and cushion player impact against hard surfaces. ArmaSport products are also used in the aerospace market.

Foam Underlayment

ArmaSport Turf Underlayment

Some of the most prestigious athletic programs have chosen ArmaSport synthetic turf underlayment for its long last lasting performance and versatility. These specially engineered Elastomeric Component Foams (ECF) are used as underlayment for both indoor and outdoor synthetic turf fields and facilities including:

  • Football fields

  • Soccer fields

  • Lacrosse fields

  • Baseball fields

  • Multi-purpose athletic fields

  • Athletic enclosures and walls

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Component Foams for Mats and Padding

Blue Component Foam Roll Material

Armacell’s ArmaSport Polyolefin Component Foams (PCF) are used by numerous manufacturers to make shock-absorbing mats and specialty padding for athletic equipment including:

  • Wrestling mats

  • Tumbling mats

  • Cheerleading mats

  • Gymnastic mats

  • Athletic foam pads

  • Helmet padding

  • Golf mats

  • Driving Range mats

Both ArmaSport ECF and PCF foams provide excellent shock absorption/impact resistance and all are made in the USA to designer or OEM specifications.

Check our Technical Specification Guide or contact one of our technical managers with specific questions for your product or application.

Download an ArmaSport data sheet to view technical data for each product listed.

ArmaSport Product IDs

ArmaSport AHC PVC / NBR
ArmaSport ALC PVC / NBR
ArmaSport AMC PVC / NBR
ArmaSport AMC-Med for more information please contact your local sales manager
ArmaSport APC PVC / NBR
ArmaSport GTC PVC / NBR
ArmaSport HDR PVC / NBR
ArmaSport MC PVC / NBR
ArmaSport MFC-2 PVC / NBR
ArmaSport MKC PVC / NBR
ArmaSport MLC-2 PVC / NBR
ArmaSport TU2 PVC / NBR
ArmaSport TUC PVC / NBR

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