Know how to get the most out of Insulation 

Over time foam insulation can degrade from weathering, UV rays, mechanical abuse, harsh chemicals, or poor installation causing a loss of effectiveness. When insulation loses its ability to insulate, energy is lost, the equipment must work harder and corrosion under insulation can occur. Application and selection of a weather barrier such as a cover or coating is key to the long lasting success of the system. 

When is a covering or coating application necessary?

Outdoor Applications

ArmaTuff Exterior Duct Insulation

All exterior applications of foam insulation must be protected from the weathering and UV rays. UV protection is necessary for the performance of elastomeric-based cellular insulation, because it will break down over time and will need regular maintenance after prolonged exposure to UV radiation. A barrier protection commonly installed is a covering or coating on the external surface of the insulation. Typically a jacket or cladding made from metal or PVC wrap provides an excellent covering for weathering, UV resistance, mechanical abuse and chemical protection. Another application option is  to apply a coating to the exterior surface with paint or mastic for faster application. We suggest a coating like ArmaFlex WB Finish to help minimize these defects if installed outdoors. Two coats of Armaflex WB Finish must be applied for optimal performance.  Its special elastic properties make it exceptionally durable and weather resistant to ultraviolet (UV) and ozone. Outdoor surfaces should be recoated every 2 to 4 years. 

Indoor Applications 

Fewer inside insulation applications require some type of protection. Covering or coatings are recommended in situations to prevent mechanical abuse such as a puncture, chemical resistance or even for aesthetics. 

Armacell offers several product options to protect insulation performance:

ArmaFlex WB Finish: A white water-based latex enamel coating supplied in a gallon or quart container for use over all forms of ArmaFlex Insulations. Two coats of the Armaflex WB Finish must be applied to the insulation for optimal performance. It provides a protective finish suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

ArmaTuff: Insulation for outdoor installations with a durable heavy duty 12 mil metal cladding. It’s ideal for exterior applications, like rooftop ducts or tanks, where added protection is required without compromising aesthetics. ArmaTuff’s built-in cladding increases the overall lifespan of the insulation system in both outdoor applications and harsh or corrosive industrial applications. The puncture-resistant metal cladding requires virtually no maintenance. 

ArmaFlex Shield: Insulation for line set, HVAC, and refrigeration with a durable protective jacket for UV-resistance . It’s a low-maintenance alternative to unprotected insulation or adding a separate jacket on the job site. It’s particularly good for outdoor applications where AC lines can take abuse from line-trimmers.

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