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For decades, we've worked with companies in nearly every industry to support and supply Insulation and Component Foam material for a vast number of applications. Armacell wants to be your go-to source for knowledge about Foam solution needs. Our resources provide Engineers, Specifiers, Contractors, Installers, Fabricators, Converters, OEMs, Distributors, and Wholesalers with the tools, information and guidance they need to lead a successful project. Whether you're planning a new installation, have questions about testing, preventive maintenance, specifications, or simply trying to source foam material, we'd like to put our expertise to work for you.

Component Foam Education 

Design Engineers, Fabricators, Converters & Material Supplier

Armacell Component Foams division offers an on-site or webinar presentation to equip the current and prospective customer base with technical knowledge and application perspective that can assist growing their business to the next level. This presentation is specially designed for companies which provide custom-fabricated components and value-added products such as gaskets, adhesives, die-cutting, laminating and converting processes as well as the end-users such as various Tier level suppliers to the automotive industry.

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Mechanical Insulation Education, Training & Tools

Contactors and Installers

Armacell understands that installing AP ArmaFlex elastomeric foam involves a different set of skills than other types of insulation. Contractors and installers can sign up for our hands-on training clinics, which are taught by an elastomeric foam application expert. When installers complete the program they are given a certificate of completion and their names are added to our ArmaFlex Qualified Installer Program (AQIP) database so that contractors and construction firms know exactly who is qualified to install this product. 

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Mechanical Engineers and Specifiers

We have a team of Specification Managers, located around the US to support Mechanical Engineers and Specifiers in any way that helps simplify the HVAC-R and acoustic specification process. This group offers an on-site presentation titled "Essential Strategies for Insulating Commercial Plumbing and HVAC Systems." This session is meant to review the basics of all types of insulation, the ways insulation can help maintain the efficiency of systems, and what to look for when specifying the different mechanical systems.  The topics will include identification and advantages of insulation materials, condensation avoidance in chilled water systems, and how specification compliance fits into a sustainable building model. For attending the presentations, attendee participants will earn: 1.0 PDH Credit (Health, Safety, and Welfare Including Core Technical) Live Course.

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Online Resources

Knowledge Center 

Use to find and download reference material of all kinds for Insulation and Component Foam products. 

Download product data sheets, specifications, white papers, installation manuals and more.

View all the Armacell videos for North American products, including installation instructions and promotional videos.

Download Safety Data Sheets for Armacell foam products, adhesives and accessories. 

Read a selection of frequently asked questions about insulation and component foam to help you get answers fast.

Use Armacell's ArmWin Insulation Thickness Calculator to determine the correct material thickness to prevent condensation or heat loss.

Access mechanical insulation BIM files for Autodesk® Revit® 2012 Architecture building design software.

A comprehensive glossary of industry and technical terms that are relevant to closed-cell foam manufacture and use.

Use this link to access current educational webinars hosted by our industry partners.


Real-world case studies for challenging construction projects across the US.

Learn how Armacell offers solutions that protect IAQ and our environment.

Additional reference material and articles of interest to the specifier or contractor.

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