Armacell's ArmaFlex Insulation: How Do You Know it's the Right Insulation for Your Job?

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You know by now that Armacell makes ArmaFlex, the original closed-cell foam insulation. It’s the right insulation for many of the mechanical systems that engineers design and contractors install. 

You may know that its closed cell structure is good for many parts of a chilled water HVAC system, including the chiller, the air handler units, the chilled water piping and chilled water tanks. And it’s also ideal for lining or wrapping ductwork and insulating fan coil units.

ArmaFlex is well suited to control condensation on the refrigeration lines of VRV-VRF systems and direct expansion refrigeration lines, both indoors or out. We also make ArmaTuff, a durable, factory-jacketed product for exterior ductwork.

But how do you know you can trust ArmaFlex is the right insulation for your project? 

Watch the Video to see where Armacell’s insulation has been used.

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You’ll be amazed to see it’s been used in thousands of jobs across North America. That means the ArmaFlex family of products has been proven effective for almost every type of commercial job including:

  • Hospitals: where both the thermal and acoustic benefits of duct insulation make systems more efficient and quiet.
  • Schools and universities: where indoor air quality and energy efficiency are so important.
  • Airports: where ArmaFlex is on the chilled water systems, insulating miles of piping.
  • Stadiums and arenas: it’s on the VRV-VRF piping of a top-ranking college stadium and the ductwork of the Superdome in New Orleans.
  • Hotels: where guests want to set the temperature in their rooms to their preference.
  • Mixed-use buildings: it’s on the HVAC systems and ductwork of hundreds of high-rise buildings like the Empire State Building.
  • Data Centers: it’s on the HVAC systems of major data centers where keeping those systems cool is critical. 
  • Industrial Applications: ArmaFlex is used in industrial operations where controlling condensation and maintaining proper temperatures is essential to manufacturing.
  • Marine: it’s been used in naval vessels, cruise ships, yachts and sailboats where non-halogen options provide extra safety.
  • Aerospace: ArmaFlex has even been used in the International Space Station!

ArmaFlex has been proven effective over the years on so many systems. And it’s probably just right for your next job, too. Contact our team of engineers or technical managers for information to help you specify ArmaFlex closed-cell foam insulation for worry-free chilled water, refrigeration and duct systems.