ArmaSport® Turf-underlayment Pad Now Has Options of Ridges and Perforated Holes to Maximize Drainage Capacity

For athletic departments, groundskeepers and sports teams, one of the biggest frustrations is rain preventing practice and play. Though they can’t choose the weather, they can choose to get back on the field faster by selecting ArmaSport® Turf-underlayment shock pads for synthetic turf fields. Its superior drainage ability gets teams back on the field faster after rain, making it the best option for high level teams who require consistent training, athletic complexes with a large schedule of events, and athletic departments fielding multiple sports. ArmaSport® Turf-underlayment pad now comes with innovative new options for efficient draining, allowing teams to get back on the field in no time. 

ArmaSport® Turf Underlayment is now available with ridges and perforated holes in the pad, each of which the expedient flow of water out of the pad and field. Water evacuates vertically through the infill system and exits through the perforated holes punched in the turf, while ridges funnel the water laterally between the turf and the underlayment pad until it reaches the perforated holes, where it is swiftly drained away. These advances expedite a highly efficient draining method that purges water quickly and returns the field to playing conditions. 

Third-party testing of ArmaSport® Turf-underlayment has demonstrated its excellent drainage ability. Drainage testing performed with an infiltrometer, a device designed to measure the rate water infiltrates soils, indicates perforated holes and upward facing ridges  produce a normalized drainage capacity of 42 inches an hour. In other words, our new ridged pad with perforated holes will drain 42 inches of water every hour after being drenched with rain. Compare that to testing done with ridges facing down, which only drained 26 inches an hour.

Innovative options like ridges and perforated holes improve the drainage capacity of ArmaSport® Turf-underlayment without compromising its already great qualities. This offers benefits to the builder, making installation quick and efficient by providing custom roll lengths available to match the width of each field and delivering the product directly to the jobsite. It also is great for the designer because it lengthens the life of the turf by protecting from potentially damaging asphalt, concrete and rock bases. It’s versatility, unlike other pads, meets safety standards with infill and without it. 

All of these benefits make ArmaSport® Turf-underlayment the perfect shock pad to protect and support turf fields for any sport. In field hockey, it’s trusted by the most competitive teams in the country, including top college programs like Duke, Stanford, North Carolina and many others. ArmaSport® Turf-underlayment is also trusted by the USA Field Hockey National Training Center in Virginia Beach, VA, and was used in field hockey practice fields at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  

These top field hockey programs and many others trust Armacell to provide the best turf underlayment available. And now with improved drainage, ArmaSport® Turf-underlayment has gotten even better. Find out more here