Guest Author: Mike Burris, Product Development – CGR Products

CGR Products has the resources to provide solutions for difficult problems.

This was the case for a large enclosure manufacturer that was having an enclosure fail its UL certification for a seemingly simple issue.

According to the assigned UL inspector, since the closed cell sponge had been laminated with the adhesive, then the chemistry of the product had been changed and thus the combination of Monarch 5031 and Monarch 8002 closed cell sponge foam and adhesive needed to have its own UL rating.

In our latest case study, we detail how we helped this particular customer and then went even further to appeal to any customer needing UL rated closed cell sponge gasketing material.

CGR thrives on these types of challenges and is always ready to collaborate with customers and suppliers like Armacell to develop ideal solutions to their problems.

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